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Winter Wonderland heads to London every year. We are lucky because we live quite close to Hyde Park, it’s around 10 minutes on the bus if the traffic is having a good day. Because of this, we make it a mission to go to Winter Wonderland every year.

We normally do two different trips, one solely for the kids and then another for the adults.


Winter Wonderland has so many rides and attractions that the kids can just be immersed in Christmas themed fun for the whole day. There is something for all ages and for all tastes, for example, Tapanga is a thrill seeker and loves heading to the bigger rides like the rollercoaster. While the smaller kids like things like the carousel, fishing for ducks and the big inflatables.

There is also plenty to eat and drink while at Winter Wonderland, including lots of sweet treats like Churros and Crepes!. Although, I would say if there is a large group of you and there is a lot of children it’s probably best to head five minutes over the road to get food cheaper at a local food place. The hotdogs/burgers cost between £6-£12, that’s before you add on anything like a drink or if you wanted a side of chips.

This year they’ve got lots of new attractions including Peter Pan on Ice, Teletubbies Christmas Show and Ice Sculpting Workshops. As well as the crowd favourites, the ice rink and jaw-dropping acts in the Circus MegaDome. They also have Santa Land, with a special entrance just for families so you don’t have to go through the whole of Winter Wonderland to find it. Santa is in his grotto daily from 10 am – 6 pm, except for Monday – Wednesday where he shuts at 4:30 pm to do the parade. The best bit about going to Santa Land is that seeing Santa is absolutely free and each child will receive a gift!.

Some of the attractions you do need to purchase tickets for beforehand but, other than that you can just turn up on the day, get in for free and enjoy your day.

The last thing I would say about going with the kids is to make sure you wrap up warm, it is very cold and you are essentially spending the whole day out in the open. I would advise hats, gloves and scarfs for not only the kids but yourself too. My partner opts to wear a Long Sleeve T-Shirt under a jumper as well as his coat whenever we go with the kids because it is that cold, while I am wrapped up to the nines in a thick woolly jumper, fluffy socks and my snuggliest boots!.


Winter Wonderland for adults is a whole different experience. They have some amazing bars throughout and I think if you go in the evening it brings a magical Christmassy atmosphere that I really love.

The Bavarian village is one of my favourite spots in Winter Wonderland. It’s the perfect place to unwind, with its cosy chalets, outdoor seating, bars, cafes and restaurants. Choose from a range of Bavarian fare including tasty Bratwurst, chicken and flame-grilled salmon, plus traditional dishes in the sit-down restaurants. Warm up over a hot chocolate or cup of mulled wine, or choose from a range of German beers at the bars.

You can catch a show in the Comedy Club, book to see Cirque Berserk or go Ice Skating.

I think going to Winter Wonderland is a perfect date location too for this time of year, you can enjoy the Christmas spirit, snuggle up while walking around and enjoy the whole atmosphere. It’s obviously freezing at this time of year and it seems even colder there. I would opt for wearing a Jumper Dress to keep me warm, with thick tights and boots, it’s still nice enough if you go on anywhere else afterwards but, is warm and practical for the weather.

You can visit the Winter Wonderland website where you can purchase tickets for shows and attractions, as well as seeing what’s on during your visit.



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  • Reply Sarah Bailey

    How amazing does Winter Wonderland sound! It seems like the perfect way to get yourself in the mood for the festive season and just have a bit of fun. No matter your age!

    December 13, 2018 at 9:44 pm
  • Reply michelle twin mum

    Oh now a comedy club is a good idea, we went for a while last year with the kids but I think I’d prefer it just my husband and I! lol Mich x

    December 13, 2018 at 11:04 pm
  • Reply Kacie Morgan

    I haven’t been to London’s Winter Wonderland before but I’d love to go. London always looks so enchanting at this time of year.

    December 14, 2018 at 12:32 am
  • Reply Rhian Westbury

    I’ve not been to winter wonderland in a few years because it’s been so busy! It is so nice for adults as I want to go to the ice bar x

    December 14, 2018 at 8:25 am
  • Reply Eva Katona

    We went 2 weekends ago – the children enjoyed it but I found it a little bit overwhelming! I think we just picked the wrong day and time.

    December 14, 2018 at 9:34 am
  • Reply Samantha Donnelly

    My Daughter in law went here last weekend, we went years ago and had a great time x

    December 14, 2018 at 10:49 am
  • Reply Jess Howliston

    Oh wow this looks and sounds amazing! Its great that there is something here for the whole family and it looks so beautiful and festive!

    December 14, 2018 at 10:45 pm
  • Reply Kara

    I have always wanted to visit Winter Wonderland, we will get there one year!

    December 15, 2018 at 5:28 pm
  • Reply Michelle Murray

    I have always wanted to visit Winter Wonderland, it looks so much fun for both children and adults.

    December 17, 2018 at 7:04 am
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